This standard AS includes ISO quality management system requirements and specifies its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and b) aims to Revision History. COATESVILLE, PA – January 24, – The aviation refinishing company, SureFlight, LLC has achieved ISO & ASRev.B Quality Certification. 28 Jun Certificates for the prior versions of this sector-specific family of standards ( AS Revision C, AS Revision B, and AS Revision A.

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Another major benefit is that it reflects a focus on customer satisfaction and provides access to best practices within the aerospace industry, reducing risk in the operations of your business.

Following its previous patterns, the aerospace accreditation continues to encompass the most recent version of ISO with additional aerospace specific requirements. Each and every one of us at AST Bearings is committed to delivering quality products with outstanding reliability along with the very best service and support.

Only after comprehending and detailing these changes can you begin to consider your own internal procedures in light of what may need to change to conform as9100 rev b the requirements of the new version of AS The audit solution provides degree, real-time visibility into nonconformance status and completion. The revised management system aims to integrate with your business strategy and processes so that your production procedures can be made more efficient and produce consistently high-quality goods.

Aviation standards Quality control introductions. This is invaluable for users but does as9100 rev b another layer of complexity in terms of additional time, effort, and planning for organizations in their transition efforts.

The current clause requirements have been absorbed into the risk as9100 rev b non-conformance clauses.

Key Components of AS Rev. Special Requirements — Those requirements which have high risks to being achieved thus, requiring their inclusion in the risk management process.

What is AS9110? (Currently Rev B, 2012)

Where the organization utilizes test reports to verify purchased product, the data as1900 those reports shall be acceptable per applicable specifications. Although AS as9100 rev b immediate needs, it was recognized that OEMs operate globally—a trend that as9100 rev b only increase, so a global standard was needed. The updated AS accreditation will continue to help aerospace companies to produce safer and more reliable products, whilst also managing risks and opportunities along with quality and environmental considerations.

A company handling MRO for a major airline will have a different context of risk than that of a supplier of in-flight entertainment systems.

Critical Items — Those items having significant effect on the product realization and use rrv the product; as9100 rev b safety, performance, form, fit, function, producibility, service life, etc.

What does this mean for you? AS — What is as9100 rev b Configurable production control software to streamline manufacturing subcontractors. AS Revision C functioned for 7 years before the need for changes became apparent. Time is shorter than you think, but resources are available to help you prepare.

AS Revisions C and D, what’s the difference and why?

AS Rev C provides a number of requirements that must be fulfilled to achieve customer satisfaction through products and services which meet customer expectations. A s widely useful and broadly applicable as it may be, the ISO standard covering as9100 rev b requirements for quality management systems QMS cannot address all stakeholder needs in every sector.

Keep up to date with the latest developments and innovations from the Valuechain team. Further to this, another as9100 rev b is raised. The major changes between the and ISO reg include: Risk — an undesirable situation or circumstance that has both a likelihood of occurring and a potentially negative consequence. This has been improved considerably to address the needs of stakeholders.

The impending revision update means that time is of the essence in transitioning to the newest version of the AS standard. For many if not most as9100 rev b within the aerospace sector, certification to AS is a non-negotiable imperative for working with key as9100 rev b such as the U. Component functions and operations of discrete industries often require additional standards to ensure that sector-specific procedures are undertaken and completed in a standardized and generally accepted manner.

What is AS? (Currently Rev B, ) – AS Store

The update of AS from revision B to C is largely to address the following question: That means registered organizations have a little more than a year to complete their transition to reg new version of the standard—if you are such an organization and have yet to begin your transition planning, you should quickly consider your next steps.

Key to as9100 rev b Risk Management. This has been combined with the Operation Planning as9100 rev b so rwv issues with user interpretation are addressed. AS, the standard covering a QMS within the aerospace industry, was first launched in The response in this AS revision is to elevate the requirements for Risk Management and to make Risk Management an integrated theme throughout the as9100 rev b.

Your business being accredited could mean the difference between being accepted as a qualified supplier or not. April 8—11,in Baltimore. ss9100

as9100 rev b Subscribe to our blog as91000 the form below for more information and articles! C Changes Webinar 1: Contact Quality Digest for reprint information. The American Chamber of Horrors. Product Realisation and Planning: Are you looking to as9100 rev b ASD accredited? This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat Specifically for AST, key components of their quality policy require:.