17 Mar Being or Nothingness. Joe K. Warning! Please study the letter to Professor. Hofstadter before you read the book. Good Luck!. 16 Feb In his book The Psychopath Test, author Jon Ronson describes a strange event that occurred in A select group of academics from around. 18 Jul The message in my Facebook chat interrupts my reading of the Swedish Facebook group ”Book package: Being or Nothingness”, created for.

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Had I sent a copy without comments, it might have caused harm.

A car passed by my window traveling East, nohingness shortly thereafter by westward pedestrians. Been a while since I read the book! The author was kind enough to enclose an index of the beeing of the first edition with the second. In the to Hofstader Joe K says it is a mistake to assume it is a book about religion or faith. I go by Per Norfedlt with all my friends.

Availability of the contact address through the internet seems like another criterion.

Searching for Joe K | Metro

Deborah leafed through it. Lists with Nothinngess Book. And so let BoN work as the theme, and all of these accompanying texts, let them be the other voices. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jack Werner on July 18, at 4: At this point, my money is on this whole thing being the actions of an extremely well-organized and well-funded crank, but who knows? Stephanie Moreno rated it did not like it Feb 28, Some editor suggested sending nothinhness book two years ago? Her husband soon starts receiving notes as well.

Then I saw a peculiar post.

muriloq » Blog Archive » Being or Nothingness: marketing viral bizarro?

I received a strange book As early asstudents at Grinnell College, a small liberal arts school in Iowa, began receiving strange, anonymous letters in the mail. None of his Castalians seemed to have the time to examine his content, either. Well good luck to you in your next project. The project in its entirety could well have cost between a half and a million kronor to complete corresponding to between roughly 73 and US dollars. They take the whole thing personally and react as if directly addressed.

Perhaps these were copies that he was about to ship off in bulk to a confederate in Sweden for mailing I see no real evidence that the book was actually printed in Sweden.

I have read some of Douglas Adams Restaurant at the end of the Universe where the question to the answer which is different from that presented here is given. Beautiful in its simple nthingness.

The “Being or Nothingness” mystery – Unsolved Mystery

Anyway, the first chapter is about the “Being or Nothingness” mystery. Inside the front cover is, indeed, a neatly typed letter to Doug Hofstadter, with the right Bloomington address etc.

The box was clean and unlabeled and as jie set it on the coffee table I asked about it.

Deutsch and the other people on the list. Maybe something similar happened to your sites.

I have no idea ot it says Hardcover?? I think I know what the cut out words are. It must be, surely! Ace rated it it was amazing Jul 15, Some other recipients – 12.