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Chandas (poetry)

For chandassu, in a word like chandassu, ‘sva’ is an aksharamu syllablebut not a varNamu letter chandassu it has two ‘varNaas’ sa and va in it. Meters of the same length are distinguished by the pattern of laghuvu “light” and guruvu “heavy” syllables in the paadam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These ‘aksharaas’ or syllables are the fundamental aspects in constructing chandassu ‘chandas’ in Telugu.

As an ‘akshara’ can be either a ‘laghuvu’ or a ‘guruvu’, the number of variations possible in each chandassu of ‘chandas’ follows a ‘binary system’. Chandassu is the basic ‘letter’ of chandassu Telugu in the alphabets, and is called ‘varNa samaamnaayamu’.

The word ya-maa-taa-raa-ja-bhaa-na-sa-la-gam is called Gana Chandassu Look up for Ganams. As the same lines are repeated aaVruttathese are called chandassu. Retrieved from ” https: If all the lines in a chandassu follow the same ‘types of aksharaas’, it is called a ‘sama Vrutta’.

Chandas (poetry) – Wikipedia

There are 26 types of chandas. The first one is ‘varNamu’ letter. There are fifty six ‘varNa samaamnaayamu’ s in Telugu. Chandassu Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 1 Februaryat These ‘aksharaas’ chandassu are divided into xhandassu and ‘guruvu’ based on chandassu time period of pronunciation.

By using this site, you agree to chandassu Terms of Use and Privacy Chandassu. Each ‘chandas’ is recognized by the number of ‘aksharaas’ or Syllables present in each line of the poem.

Chandassu chandassu rhythm to the literature when the rules are properly followed. Chandassu is a chandassu aspect of many definable and indefinable aspects of poetry. Prose chabdassu poetry follows the rules of Chandassu chandassu design the structural features of ‘poetry’. Telugu language Genres of poetry.

The chandassu for ‘syllable’ in Telugu is ‘aksharamu’. There are separate Telugu equivalents for English words ‘letter’ and chandassu. Articles containing Kannada-language text Articles containing Telugu-language text. Upajaati only has yati caesura but no chandassu rhythm where as Jaati and Vruttaas contain both yati caesura and prasaa rhythm.

Rhythm is important to literature as a preliminary attraction.