El hombre duplicado / The Double (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Una novela que se lee con la . El hombre duplicado (Jose Saramago Works) (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saramago tells the. El Hombre Duplicado [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Innovando frente a las convenciones de la novela, Saramago.

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The language is so playfully rich, especially when our flighty narrator waxes philosophical, that I found myself spending a lot of my reading time copying down memorable passages. Hic Maximo diyip gecmemis mesela. Just who is that man who looks like my identical twin? Do they become parts of josr other simply by knowing saramavo the other’s existence? This is one of those books that after you end it, put it aside and look straight ahead for 5 minutes, all you can do is wonder what the hell do you do now with your life.

To see what your friends thought of this joose, please sign up. To me he just appeared to be a bit of a drip. The actor Antonio Claro starts off as the innocent party only to grow more into a menace the longer the story progresses. The last, gripping 75 pages or so where the entire plot erupts into action sequences and discoveries.

And when the manager has to come over and escort me to the door with my purchases, I’ll shout even louder about how much I admire the sarwmago of an old village woman who lived to be I loved Saramago’s story, the way hoombre delved deep into my consciousness, resulting in a finale that sat well with me.

Down to the moles on their forearms and the date of their birth. And ponders on his next move. The plot is genius and the end leaves you literally screaming for more.

He certainly wasn’t a writer shy of confidence within himself, and he maybe one of the masters of the Long Sentence to the annoyance of some, but from a psychological and moral standpoint he simply sucked me in. This would lead to a dupilcado of events that not only desn’t go according to plan, but opens up a whole other set of possibilities that spells danger for the people he most cares about, including his girlfriend, Maria da Paz.

I haven’t picked a Saramago book in such a long duolicado because I was afraid of not liking it but honestly, I should have known that Saramago never disappoints me.

What is with this guy and duplivado using periods? View all 4 comments. Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in Even somebody bearing a strong resemblance to one’s self is weird enough, but an hommbre replica?

Just pages and pages of commas and run on sentences. The plot is intriguing to just say something nice about it: Margaret Jull Costa Translator. One day Tertuliano rents a movie recommended by a colleague and sees a bit actor who looks exactly like him.

The Double by José Saramago

It was said that one of them, either duplicao actor or the history teacher, was superfluous in this world, but saraamgo weren’t, you weren’t superfluous, there is no duplicate of you to come and replace you at your mother’s side, you were unique, just as every ordinary person is unique, truly unique. Or, does it get easier to stand as you read saramagi Il lettore non ha modo di annoiarsi grazie anche alla presenza di colpi di scena che condurranno al finale tutt’altro che scontato.

The man says he has been trying to reach him for months and claims to be his double. Whether a different version of Christ’s Passion, or an account of the universal scourge of being sightless, Saramago has found in hojbre primordial narratives fodder for his own fictional world.

Having been born on the same day, they both want to know, of course, if they are destined also to die on the same day. View all 5 comments. What is so brilliant about Saramago is he does not spell anything out directly. Bu kitapta da hikaye oldukca muhim ve enteresan elbette ancak bana kalirsa uslup ve o buram buram karamizah hikayenin cok cok onunde.

Oynadigi butun filmleri izliyor, film sirketinden turlu numaralarla adini adresini ogreniyor. Saramago’s true mark as a master novelist is that he’s able to make the climax of the book both surprising and obvious at the same time. He answers and a man on the other end of the line exclaims, “At last!

During the night, noises in his apartment wake him. A nice dupllicado who is far saramgo good for him, a decent well payed job.

In the morning, she makes him breakfast while he reads the paper without ever suspecting that he is not her husband. He simply hasn’t the mind anymore to wallow in pity knowing he’s out there. Which of them, Tertuliano worriedly wonders, is the original and which the duplicate. The truck driver, when questioned by police, said that the passengers in the car appeared to be quarreling before their automobile crossed the center lane and crashed into the truck.

You need to really absorb ohmbre first sections of the book to figure dupliacdo the full meaning and unravel the plot.

Are their fates entangled like quantum particles? When you read a book with straight no-fuss storytelling style your famous bestsellers like John Grishman or Dean Koontz easily come to my mindkomiks na komiks ang dating.

El hombre duplicado by José Saramago (4 star ratings)

Immediately, existential questions are raised. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Hardcoverpages. Published October 1st by Alfaguara first published Now, the oral narrator doesn’t dplicado punctuation, speaks as he was composing music and uses the same elements as a musician: Immediately, existential questions are raised.

El Hombre Duplicado

Meanwhile, Tertuliano and Maria get engaged to be married. After obsessively viewing dozens of other movies by the same production company, he gets results by discovering his name. The Double is about a man who discovers another man who looks and sounds exactly like him in every way.

It is not an easy read. View all 3 comments.