The FCMA Soft starter achieves this through a unique system of flux compensated non saturated magnetic amplifier for controlling the motor current and hence. TambeDear Tractor,Before invention of thyristorised Soft Starters, there was a technology used in industries,called As FCMA(Flux. Eltech Engineering provides complete starting solutions, slip ring, squirrel cage and synchronous motors, provides services to FCMA soft starters and any other.

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The voltage across the motor increases smoothly from starting to run value with motor speed. As the motor speed increases the FCMA impedance decreases due to the counter emf feedback to achieve incremental voltage and torque for the motor while keeping the current constant.

Extremely rugged in construction. No forced cooling required. An aggregate of approx. The FCMA is connected in series with the motor either on the line or neutral side, so that the starting current is limited to a low value.

FCMA Soft starter The softest start for your electrical motor, with a constant, stepless acceleration and without harmonics. Easy to install and operate.

FCMA Soft starter – Innovative Technomics Europe

This is popularised under HFSR technology by some manufacturers. Thanks tambe I will read his over the weekend, mag amps were big things some time ago, then came semiconductors. Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts. Startef specifies different technologies under clause 3.

Widely used Cost effective Flawless performance Easy installation Precisely engineered. Soft starters have no Hz regulation capabilities.

Neutral side soft starter is generally preferred by the customers for it is technically superior and yet commercially attractive. As per requirement, we work in association with customer to design and develop the electrical needs and deploy state of the art solutions mainly through our skilled technical team to improve system reliability and risk management. Starting current — 1.

Tell us what you need starte filling in the form.

FCMA Soft starter

Products Products Buy Leads Tenders. Air core technology based MSR.

Optimized power system gives savings capital in cost and savings in revenue expenditure due to increased efficiencies. Contact Seller Fcka for best deal. A built-in bypass contactor closes to ensure full voltage running of the motor. Eltech Engineering can design and build enclosures CNC Fabricated to meet particular specifications, and we offer full application engineering support at all stages of the design process.

FCMA Soft Starter

I have never heard or seen this type of starter. This helps in optimizing the power source i.

The system requires only one shorting contactor, reducing the overall system complexity, size and cost. Fault currents observed on neutral side are very low and thus this model becomes technically safer. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Need serious technical arguments to convince the end customer for SCR soft starters. Kanti, your observations are very correct, 20 years osft this was the only easily manufacturable solution with transformer like structure and cheap.

Soft Starter Panels in Pune. Please enter full name.

Full sinewave with MSR soft starter hence no harmonics generated. Step less smooth acceleration to full speed reduces electrical stress in the motors and mechanical wear through out the drive.

The values of starting current can be adjusted at site and six such adjustments are provided. When power is applied to motor the frequency in the rotor is the same as that in stator. Customization Expertise in application engineering. Eltech Make Soft Starters are an integrated solution for motor starting and protection with user-friendly features to ensure safe and easy operation.

Low Voltage FCMA Soft Starter

Product Support Services Forum mySupport. This achieves very soft and smooth starting load to the crushercompressorsblower fans, Rubber mills, presses, cranesPumps etc which helps in optimizing the power source ietransformer or generator capacity. Conventional motor protections are sufficient. We as company, committed for quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the most economic solutions.

The motor current is kept constant due to the balancing effect of Cemf feedback.