Fundamentos de marketing by Kotler, Philip, Armstrong, Gary, and a great selection of similar Used, New and 6ª edición. rústica Incluye C.D. páginas . Kotler, Philip y Armstrong, Gary. (). Fundamentos de Marketing (Octava Edición). Naucalpan de Juárez, México: Pearson Educación. [2]. Gomez, Lia; Borja. Marketing Octava edición Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong Capítulo 1 Marketing en un mundo cambiante: Cómo crear valor y satisfacción para los clientes.

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Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong

These products enter the manufacturer’s product in production. Traditional views of marketing were simplistic: Growing markets traditionally mean a plentiful supply of new customers. Encuestar a los dundamentos para determinar si los satisfacen los servicios actuales y si desean servicios nuevos.

The augmented consists of the measures taken to help the consumer put markfting actual product to sustained use. Again, no-brand choices are available as ready substitutes. Companies have a vested interest in protecting their customers.

Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong – ppt video online descargar

These consist of buildings and fixed equipment. Ethics can influence strategic decisions fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion such pricing decisions as market penetration versus market skimming. Enlightened marketing consists of five key principles: You may wish to consider extra-textual class discussion identifying the pros and cons of the societal marketing concept.

Most companies take this responsibility very seriously. While protecting free speech, marketers could adopt a statement on ethics in advertising that promotes accurate information exchange, encourages creative and innovative message generation. This refers to how many versions are offered of each product in the line. This refers to consumer’s expectation that the product and its proper use should not endanger the user. Such charges apparently down play the role of other influences on consumers, including family values and social interaction.

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A good public image helps firms gain more customers, better employees, access to money markets, esicion other benefits Better environment. But as consumers become more sophisticated and as market growth slows, maintaining existing customers is the key to long term marketing success. This refers to the number of products in the line. Descargar ppt “Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong”. Multimarcas Marcas nuevas Existente Nombre de marca Nuevo.

Matching supply and demand can be a difficult balancing act. You may wish to discuss how style may adversely affect perceptions of product performance. This concept focuses on the actual product in an effort to continuously improve quality, performance, and features.

Brands project a personality.

Marketing y sociedad: responsabilidad social y ética de marketing – ppt descargar

This concept views consumers as unwillingly customers whose inherent opposition must be overcome to make a sale. Transaction marketing is part of the larger concept of relationship marketing in which parties build long-term, economic ties to enhance quality and fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion value.

Also, additional features cost money to produce and higher quality features are more costly still. This concept links the company’s success with the consumer’s continuing satisfaction. It is most often used today for unsought goods. The benefits may produce objective need-satisfiers, such as increased safety, or psychological benefits, such as enhanced self-esteem.

Work from their examples to the idea that fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion too have philosophies about how to get things done. Search Within These Results: Consumer and producer freedom has lead to the highest standard of living in history. People personify brands and products. Each edifion is covered in more detail on subsequent CTRs.

Eeicion strategy develops two or more products in the same product category. Evaluar los costos de prestar los servicios deseados. High Advertising and Promotion Costs.