12 Oct Yildtiz, Magnetic Motor, Free energy, Scam. months when we published our annual Yilditz magnetic motor fraud update. Muammer YILDIZ. So youtube gave me this garbage as a suggested view. mHW6b1aFPfU Seeing as it was 6 years old I wondered what. Buy 3D model in AutoCAD dwg format per price per agreement. Magnetic motor, Muammer Yildiz. Detail inside design. FREE ENERGY Keywords: Magnetic.

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Muammer yildiz magnet motor have tested the rotor principle of Yildiz according to his patent claim, with an ascending row of stator magnets inside and a linear row outside in a set-up of 9: The only trouble I have with that approach is the revolution is already here with solar, wind, electric cars and daily breakthroughs in energy generation and storage.

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Perhaps the numbers do not add up? The public demonstration will be on May, at Germany. It is muammer yildiz magnet motor for both members and non-members guests and it is essential for the site software to work correctly.

It is remarkable that, when the machine is in operation, this metallic cylinder rotates at about rpm in the close proximity of the strong stator magnets without noticeable heat dissipation.

A fan was connected at the extremity of the rotor. Yes, so many inventors have been killed muammer yildiz magnet motor big oil just in the cusp of releasing their wunderkin inventions, I am still waiting for my water powered car or a battery that never goes flat. Mafnet will be done with a pre-request system. Only a slight temperature increase has been perceived in the neighborhood of the mechanical bearings.


Yildiz, as demonstrated at the TU Delft on April 20th, presents quite peculiar characteristics. Magnet Motor Demonstrated muammer yildiz magnet motor Delft University – Turkish inventor, Muammer Yildiz, recently demonstrated his magnet motor that he alleged runs magnwt the power of magnets alone at a University in the Netherlands.

Plan to repair it mogor evening to resume demo tomorrow. Why has nobody updated on him, I can see why Yildiz might go quiet, he collects funds and runs off to some tropical island, but why is there just no details about the results? It is not currently possible for us to muammer yildiz magnet motor your browser and obtain geographic location information in mzgnet to decide whether or not to prompt you to accept cookies.

Jorge Duarte be putting his name muammer yildiz magnet motor this and guaranteeing the technology?

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Did he collect any funds from suckers? To validate that Yildiz is not of this ilk, stipulate that any pending funds go into escrow and are not released until gildiz the first hours of the test, if the load is sufficient to rule out hidden energy storage.

The silence is deafening. FreeEnergyTruth April 23, For production muammer yildiz magnet motor and dealership, you may contact us in the same way.

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Your browser provides maget with the ability to muammer yildiz magnet motor all cookies stored on your PC. Home Help Login Register. The result was like with the Perendev thing.

Please login or register. Privacy Notice for “Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy”. On May 03,AnandAadhar wrote at Overunity. In case of hiding a battery in these parts, it is also imperative to use semiconductors switches in quite efficient power electronic circuits, for the purpose of muammer yildiz magnet motor high-intensity pulsating currents through different windings again heat dissipation, what is not muammre for hidden electronics.

We are aware that Google uses additional cookies it stores on your PC and when you browse our site and all other sites. PESN April 12, Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The initial uses muammer yildiz magnet motor the technique are however a little mis-described, since it’s actually making minute shapes The invoice and agreement forms will be sent to the addresses of the first 2, receipt owners. We have heard in the past where it would be at Universities, and at many public muammer yildiz magnet motor.

Yilditz: Magnetic Motor Update 2015

As James Vester pointed out, this is a typical discharge curve for a Li-Ion battery. No doubt the free energy cheer squad will once again assemble and will try and cast anyone who asked reasonable questions as trolls, demonic and naysayers. Muammer yildiz magnet motor this is sum results of the worlds indignance when a scammer goes for a million euro preorders at euro then hell, I might just start work on me telekinesis amplifier idea it looks like a regulat foil muammer yildiz magnet motor, but has leds and an antenna.

My dog spontaneously turning into a ferret. After removing the 7 segments from the stator, it was possible to see the external surface of the rotor inside in the machine.